via Rescued Cats: Before and After (13 amazing photos)

Rescued Cats: Before and After (13 amazing photos)

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  • Emotional…truth…tears…love

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Awesome post!

Awesome post!

One of the most inspirational had me in tears!


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The myth of a “Well Regulated Militia”

A very needed video that shows the standard and purpose of the “Well regulated militia”, and what the forefathers meant when they drew up the Constitution!

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Note for my Friends

An awesome read! 😊

Restoring the American Republic

Online I’ve met people, both men and women, who seem to be intelligent, articulate, concerned about the future of their family. I am proud to have you as my friends.

I know that I really upset a bunch of people with all my talk about the militia, arming ourselves, and war. There are still many people in America that believe we can peacefully turn this around; the reality though is without force we won’t.

Thomas Jefferson, our third President, principle author of the Declaration of Independence and consummate diplomat wrote about the American Revolution:

“God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public…

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Lavoy Finicum, The FBI, and Why You’re Missing the Point

Source: Lavoy Finicum, The FBI, and Why You’re Missing the Point

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Karen Hudes

Smart woman …whistleblower!

My Blog

Forbes is playing games. Readers of the disinformation on Pope Francis, have to hit “Expand All Comments” or have the link to my comment, but then there is another comment on the Vatican’s disinformation agent, Kevin Annett:

Forbes would not allow me to post this correction on Kevin Annett: (see comment sectiion)
—————————— Comentariul: Mihaela Diaconu (25 aprilie 2014):
URL conţinut:

Lydia White Calf Karen, he is a Kevin Annett gatekeeper. I really believe you are under attack for having outted Kevin Annett as a Jesuit Agent. I have alot to say on that issue. He has attempted to destroy our personal lives for 17 years. And we all agree with you that he is a Jesuit Agent..I was going to warn you that you would have severe lashback from this…And now it is happening.
Lydia White Calf (Meaning Neil Keenan is a Kevin…

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The “objections” and “call for objections” required by our Constitution and 3 U.S.C. § 15 have not been made. Therefore Obama has never been determined in accordance with the “electoral and Congressional processes” to be a “qualified” President elect and is not the President of the United States.

Awesome and most truthful article! Let’s think about this!

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Great advice! This man knows what he’s talking about! 

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Destroying the Enemies of Freedom

Destroying the Enemies of Freedom

Restoring the American Republic

Rothschild Bank Rothschild Bank – London

Since the globalist corporate oligarchy, headed up by the Rothschild Banks and their corporations, gained control of the American people during the War against State’s Rights (1861-1865) they have slowly and clandestinely attacked the sovereignty, laws, and structure of the American Republic and formed it into a collection of corporations; creations of government that have no standing in the natural world. Corporations are creations of government and when the government incorporates itself… government of the people ceases to exist.

Today those corporations are attempting to finalize their take-over of the American Republic and the world by disarming the only force capable of stopping their goal of World Government, the American people. I believe with everything in my being after observing these monsters for over four decades that this is their end game and JADE HELM 15 is being implemented to disarm us. I am not alone…

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