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Forbes is playing games. Readers of the disinformation on Pope Francis, have to hit “Expand All Comments” or have the link to my comment, but then there is another comment on the Vatican’s disinformation agent, Kevin Annett:

Forbes would not allow me to post this correction on Kevin Annett: (see comment sectiion)
—————————— Comentariul: Mihaela Diaconu (25 aprilie 2014):
URL conţinut:

Lydia White Calf Karen, he is a Kevin Annett gatekeeper. I really believe you are under attack for having outted Kevin Annett as a Jesuit Agent. I have alot to say on that issue. He has attempted to destroy our personal lives for 17 years. And we all agree with you that he is a Jesuit Agent..I was going to warn you that you would have severe lashback from this…And now it is happening.
Lydia White Calf (Meaning Neil Keenan is a Kevin…

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The “objections” and “call for objections” required by our Constitution and 3 U.S.C. § 15 have not been made. Therefore Obama has never been determined in accordance with the “electoral and Congressional processes” to be a “qualified” President elect and is not the President of the United States.

Awesome and most truthful article! Let’s think about this!

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Great advice! This man knows what he’s talking about! 

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